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When Looking for the best mortgage broker in Melbourne, the choices can be overwhelming. Hunter Lending Group is the modern alternative in lending. As a leading mortgage broker, we offer a comprehensive range of brokerage services, from top tier residential home loans through to best available commercial lending, debt consolidation and competitively rated investment loans for the discerning investor.

Providing optimal financial solutions, our team of highly qualified professionals will navigate the premium offerings of over 30 reputable lending institutions including Australia’s leading banks and credit unions. Nurturing beneficial relationships with our preferred panel of lenders, you can be assured of a fully tailored solution to meet your specific needs, with an emphasis on lower rates and faster pre-approvals.
At the Hunter Lending Group, our services are 'fee-free'. This means, like all brokers, we are paid a fee from whichever lender you choose for doing all the work for them and bringing them a customer. We are committed to exceptional customer service and will guide you through the process from the first consultation to the drawdown of your loan. The success of your financial future is our business, we work for you. This assures you of the most competitive rate customised to your circumstances and specific needs always.

We Hunt the Best Investment and Refinance Options For You

Are you looking to invest in a fiscally superior future? Do you require leverage to negatively gear? From a tax effective investment property portfolio through to debt consolidation, our finance specialists will help realise your goals. As a specialist mortgage broker in Melbourne, we negotiate on your behalf whether you are a first home buyer or seasoned home owner. You may be looking to purchase an investment property, or a seasoned investor seeking assistance for multiple property purchases. Perhaps you are looking to purchase a commercial property or wanting to release the equity in your home? Your Hunter Lending Group specialist will advise you of the best options available and source the most suitable and financially beneficial deal on the market today.

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Sourcing competitively priced, flexible mortgage solutions tailored to your individual circumstances. Paving the way to property ownership.

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Stay ahead of shifting market conditions with highly competitive rates. Release equity, while allowing your investment to work for you.

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From refinance to first home buyers and investment lending, discuss your financial needs with a Hunter Lending Group professional today. Book your personal consultation on (03) 9497 4917.

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Competitive Home Loans

Melbourne’s preferred mortgage broker with direct access to over 30 premium lending institutions including Australia’s major banks.

Commercial Business Loans

From commercial property loans and commercial bills to business overdrafts, consult with our experienced commercial loan brokers.

Smart Car Loans

Explore car loan options including leasing, secured vehicle finance and balloon payment arrangements, tailored to suit your needs.

Investment Loans

For tax efficient investment strategies, investment lending options and negative gearing advice explore our investment property solutions. For any further tax advice speak to your accountant.

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