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December 14, 2017
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Home Loan Health Checks—Home Loans In Melbourne

Did you know that finding the right home loans in Melbourne can often save you thousands of dollars? Are you investigating all the options available to you? Are you aware of the wider market and what you should and shouldn’t be considering? It is easy to fall into the trap of going with the flow and choosing default home loan packages out of convenience, but why should prospective homeowners commit to costly long-term agreements with little reward when a little advice from a financial specialist like Hunter Lending Group can help you make the most of your savings.

For the average family or individual, purchasing a property is often a significant financial transaction. While a bank or a third party might sell you the dream, think about your future. At Hunter Lending Group, we can assist you with making informed decisions, offering peace-of-mind to ensure that you settle for the perfect home loans in Melbourne without compromise.
One of the subtle details of a typical home loan package is the interest rates. Even the most minute of changes to interest rates and fees can make a big difference over a duration of multiple years. If you are not sure what you are agreeing to, seek professional advice. A second opinion will give you the confidence you need to compare a range of loan products and determine what is best for you.

The Health Checklist for Home Loans in Melbourne

At Hunter Lending Group, we offer refinancing services to transition families to financial arrangements that are better suited to their needs.

Ask yourself:
• What is the interest rate and how does it compare with other packages?
• Are you receiving the level of service that you expect from your home loan provider?
• Does the home loan offer the features you need?
• Are there features that you are paying for but don’t use?
• Has your financial circumstances changed?

By taking advantage of rate variabilities and the right packages, you can specify precisely what you need. The market is huge; get in touch with Hunter Lending Group for the best home loans in Melbourne.

Experienced Mortgage Brokers

Allow us to strategise on your behalf and guide you from renting to successful home ownership. Our professionals will assess your financial needs, borrowing capacity and repayment scope, and ensure you are making an educated, informed decisions, taking into consideration additional costs from real estate agent fees and stamp duty to building and contents insurance, Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI), and more.

Trust the largest investment in your future to the Hunter Lending Group. From assessing relevant criteria and sourcing the most appropriate home loan, we act on your behalf and not the lenders. As a client, centric mortgage broker, we will recommend the three most applicable home loans to complement your circumstances. On your confirmation, we will then manage the entire process from document collection to loan draw down.

Contact Us For Home Loans in Melbourne

Are you in the market for a home loan in Melbourne? Consult the mortgage broker specialists at the Hunter Lending Group today on (03) 9497 4917.

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