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August 31, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Hunter Lending Group, Melbourne’s Refinance Specialists

We are a specialist mortgage broker in Melbourne with extensive knowledge and experience. We’ve worked in partnership with many of the ‘Big Four’ banks and have created beneficial relationships with the major players in the ever changing financial landscape.

Our primary role as mortgage brokers is to help you to find the best mortgage. We assess your circumstances and unique needs to help you calculate your borrowing capacity and realistically identify the level of repayments you’re comfortable with. Armed with this knowledge we will then be your advocate in the market place. We will source the best mortgage option for you and help you navigate the mortgage administrative maze from start to finish.

Refinance your home with established Melbourne mortgage broker

The value of the Melbourne property market continues to grow and your current home is increasing in value. However your growing family needs more space – a one bathroom home when you have toddlers is hard enough but now that they’ve become teenagers it’s impossible to meet everyone’s needs.

You have two options: renovate your existing home or sell it and buy in a new area.

You’ve done the rough figures and financially it makes sense to renovate rather than sell up and move. Paying Stamp Duty on a new home is like throwing money down the drain and to get the house you’d love means moving to a suburb further out.

You love where you live, your kids are happy in their current schools and you have a good network of friends.

The decision has been made – now what?

Making sense of the available options when refinancing in Melbourne

Now is a great time to refinance. The Melbourne property market continues to run red-hot and there are many lenders out there vying for your business. Mortgages can be a very complicated product it can be difficult to understand the full costs involved. We can help you navigate the lending market and the abundance of options available.

Extend your current mortgage or refinance? Talk to us and save money

  • Instead of extending your current mortgage talk to us about a mortgage overhaul. Refinancing offers the opportunity to reduce your mortgage costs in a few different ways:
  • Refinance your mortgage and release the equity you’ve built up in your home.
  •  Negotiate better terms and conditions when refinancing to reduce your monthly repayments
  •  A more competitive mortgage will allow you to reduce the total interest paid on your mortgage
  • Choose a mortgage with more flexible options and pay your home off sooner
  • Refinancing gives you the opportunity to consolidate your debts. Transfer your expensive credit card debt to the cheaper mortgage rate and benefit from the reduced monthly repayments.

Refinance with a new mortgage lender and reap the benefits

Generally speaking the tipping point for achieving a benefit from refinancing is when you can save 1% on your mortgage.

How long ago did you establish your existing mortgage? Has your bank been passing on to you the full value of interest rate cuts over the years?

Today’s lending market is very competitive and a quick comparison of your existing mortgage with those now available in the marketplace will show that your tipping point can well and truly be achieved.

Call Melbourne’s refinancing specialists today and get a better mortgage deal!




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