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October 26, 2017
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November 8, 2017

Hunter Lending Group the Preferred Mortgage Broker in Melbourne

Owning your own home gives financial security and brings a litany of satisfying benefits, mostly to do with being able to live how you want. Unlike living in a rental property, you can have pets, you can hang pictures on the wall or you can paint your entire house if you want. Your home is yours to do with as you please.

To buy your own home you’ll most probably need a mortgage and there are many different mortgage products on the market. Understanding the fine print and getting to grips with terms like ‘offset accounts’, ‘redraw facilities’ and ‘lenders mortgage insurance’ can be confusing and take time. We can help you by providing expert advice on how to get the ideal mortgage and avoid the common pitfalls and hidden costs associated with many mortgages. We are one of the most respected mortgage brokers in Melbourne because we understand the lending market and we provide sound and informed advice.


Mortgage broker in Melbourne providing sage advice and helping you secure the ideal loan

One of our main activities as mortgage brokers is to help our clients get the ideal advice and to help them secure the ideal mortgage for their circumstances. We do this by monitoring the economic and financial services landscape in Australia to identify the ideal value mortgage packages that deliver the greatest benefit and cost-savings to our clients. We also scrutinise housing market trends so that we can help our clients make informed decisions about their family’s wealth and future.

If you don’t get expert advice about the details of your mortgage you run the risk of signing up to a costly contract that can cause real problems for your family’s budgeting.


Get home mortgage advice from real experts, not the internet

The internet can be useful for general information about mortgages and the Melbourne housing market, but your circumstances are unique and the internet can’t sift through a mortgage contract to let you know if you’re about to be sold a lemon.

If this is your first home or you’re trying to understand how to use super to purchase an investment property you will have lots of questions. Once you’ve found the ideal home you need to follow a checklist of must-dos to make your purchase run smoothly.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

Be honest in your application
Past financial mistakes don’t mean you’re doomed forever. We’ve had clients successfully secure a mortgage despite having defaulted on previous loans. If the lender had looked only at the default on paper they would have rejected the mortgage application straight out but because we were able to explain the circumstances behind the default the lender was happy to go ahead and approve the mortgage application.

A less-than-perfect financial history doesn’t mean you will never be able to get a mortgage.

We provide expert advice based on extensive market and mortgage product knowledge – we search over 30 lenders mortgage packages to find the ideal mortgage for you.

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