Premium Car loans in Melbourne

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October 4, 2017
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Premium Car loans in Melbourne

Apart from your home a car is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make. You’ll be outlaying a substantial amount of money for this purchase and unless you’ve saved the entire amount or received a windfall you’ll probably be thinking about approaching your bank for a car loan for all or part of the price.

You’re also going to be paying fees and stamp duty and other costs – before you know it you’ll be up for a lot more money than you first anticipated.Getting car loans in Melbourne means either visiting your bank or a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers work for you – we compare our range of lender products whereas banks will offer you one standard off-the-shelf product. We compare over 30 different lender packages for car loans so that you get the ideal package for your situation. We can help you sort through the expenses involved, make sure you’ve accounted for all the hidden costs and unexpected items, and help you choose a car loan that is cheaper over the long term, saving you money and headache.

Unlike your bank we compare over 30 different car and personal loan lenders to help you compare the ideal car loans in Melbourne to suit your payback capacity and circumstances.

But first, are you going to buy a new or a used car? What are the pros and cons of each?


New or used car?

A new car is a very appealing option – you’ll have the latest design and fashionable colour choice, all the bells and whistles that the latest technology brings, plus you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the car has no history – no hidden faults that will emerge down the line to cost you a fortune in mechanic bills and replacement parts. Even if something does go wrong with your new car you will have a new car warranty and capped price servicing so that you’re not going to be too much out of pocket.

A used car however is going to cost you a whole lot less than a new car. Depending on the number of kilometres it’s done you may run into mechanical issues but generally, if it comes with a good service history and you get a mechanic to check it before you buy, you can assume your purchase is sound.

If you’re not sure about whether to buy a used or new car come and talk to us first and see how much money you can borrow. Once you see the repayment amounts and think about what you can tolerate in your weekly budget you will have a clearer picture.

A popular piece of advice about buying a car says to “buy the cheapest car your ego can live with”. To some people their car reflects their personality or it’s a statement to the world about who they are. If that sounds like you then you had better look at cars that you love and would be proud to be seen in. Otherwise you are going to be miserable or embarrassed every time you step behind the wheel.

Other people see cars as simply a way to get from A to B and couldn’t care less about the type of car they drive. Think closely about this before you commit to a purchase.

We understand the car and personal loan market and can help you get the ideal car loan in Melbourne, saving you money on fees and repayments over the lifetime of the loan

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