Refinance in Melbourne and Optimise your Mortgage

Whilst you current deal may have been a good one at the time, we encourage all our clients to reassess their current situation regularly. The market is constantly changing, and there is likely to be a better option.

You may also want to release the equity in your home or investment property with the Hunter Lending Group. As mortgage broker specialists, we enjoy direct access to 30 leading financial institutions, including Australia’s major banks and credit unions. In a constantly changing mortgage marketplace, we source, recommend and secure refinance loans on your behalf. Refinance in Melbourne with the mortgage broker specialists – the Hunter Lending Group.

Optimising your mortgage rate can potentially save you thousands in interest and allow you to take advantage of:

  • Flexible repayment options
  • Lower interest rates
  • Highly tailored mortgage packages with additional financial features

And enable you to:

  • Renovate and increase the value of your existing property
  • Build an investment property portfolio
  • Consolidate unsecured debts
  • Avail of lower interest rates

Refinance in Melbourne with Hunter Lending Group

Our team of home lending specialists will assess your financial situation and future needs. This includes your borrowing and repayment capacity which is crucial when recommending the most appropriate home refinance loan. This our duty of care to you. We are client centric and pride ourselves on our personalised, fully tailored approach in securing your financial future.

The mortgage market is a variable environment, take advantage of lower interest rates and flexible repayment options, free up monthly income with debt consolidation or begin a journey into wealth creation with an investment property purchase.

Creative Refinance Melbourne

Discover your refinance options with the home loan professionals at the Hunter Lending Group. Book your personal consultation today on (03) 9497 4917 (03) 9497 4917.


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